What Is A Polo T-Shirt And How Is The Demand

polo t shirts

T shirt is a broad term used in common for all varieties of casual upper body wear.  Though there is no much difference between one and other t shirts, the names given are different. Distinguishing names are given to identify the minute differences among all the t shirts. People feel it easy to know and identify their choice of t shirts. The Polo T shirts are also referred as tennis t shirts or gold t shirts. Different brands manufacture polo t shirts and make slight changes in the pattern to create uniqueness. Confusion is obvious because a common man could hardly make out any differences between two polo t shirts. Still this type of t shirt is usually known as sportswear.

General idea about this t shirt can be picturize as follows. It has thick collar with two or three buttons and a pocket on one side. This pocket can be optional and doesn’t serve as an identity for the polo t shirt. This kind of t shirt has a great history and all the golf and tennis players are seen in this kind of t shirts. In the current date this t shirt is in high demand because of its label as a sports t shirt. Golf players don’t enter the golf ground without this t shirt where as tennis players sometimes go for round collared t shirts. It can be used without buttoning the first button for considering it as an air space. So these t shirts are considered as the most convenient and comfortable shirts for sportsmen. Different brands advertise this in different names. Keen observation can clarify the doubts otherwise all brands look similar. One should check the quality of the cloth used in the polo t shirts. It should be sufficiently thick for making it wrinkle free for long time wear.